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Heat activated adhesive for applique

Heat activated adhesive for applique

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The Manufacturer says:


Elastic, heat-activatable adhesive web on transfer paper.

100% PU

20 g/ m2 + Trägerpapier



For appliqués on textiles or for joining two different fabrics. Maintains the elasticity of the fabric.


Product benefits:

  • elastic
  • heat-activatable


How to use:

1. Trace or draw the motif mirror-image on the paper side of Stretchfix and roughly cut it out. Place it on the wrong side of the fabric with the rough side facing down, iron it on with a dry iron and a setting of 2-3 dots for about 10 -12 seconds. Allow the paper to cool down completely.

2. Accurately cut out the motif and peel off the transfer paper. Then put the motif with the coated side facing down on the selected place of the outer fabric.

3.Cover with a damp cloth and iron the motif on step by step, for 10 -12 seconds and with an iron setting of 2-3 dots. Sew around the appliqué with the desired stitch.


Important notice

We recommend to test the product before starting processing.

This item is priced per HALF metre.

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